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Annual Service Package

If you like to take on projects yourself but need some assistance or assurance?  Let Code 3 Grant Writing & Consultation help you out.  The annual subscription package will allow you to choose between three packages that will fit your agency's needs.    

Assistance will be provided to those agencies who like to write their own grants but need that edge over other applicants.  We will review your application in relation to the funding guidelines and ensure you are targeting the funders priorities and saying all the right things at an economical price.  With our experienced public safety team, we know how important it is to secure grant funding to accomplish your mission. 


With any of these packages, we will review current or past applications, provide feedback and comments for your consideration, all of which will give you a an edge to other applications.    

The Annual Services Packages do not include work done for a regional grant request (multi-agency).   Please contact Code 3 Grant Writing & Consultation for First Responders if you have further questions.  

Grant Writing & Consultation

for First Responders

Don't know where to start.  Let us handle it.  If you have a need for grant funds, look no further.  We can research grants for you or we can work on a grant application that you already have information for.  Contact us for a free quote, discuss your options, and let us take it from there.  We will provide all the information necessary for you to submit a successful application.  Complete grant applications usually range in the $2,000 to $4,000 range depending on the complexity and number of projects.  With an 85% success rate, that is a pretty good investment.  

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