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What is Code 3 Grant Writing & Consultation

for First Responders

We are a team of professionals who have experience in Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and Emergency Management.  We have a gift of writing successful grants because we know what the demands and needs are of the agency and also know the barriers to receiving funding. 

Our team of consultants will be able to assist with qualification criteria, grant narratives, budgets, and other technical advise.  We have expert knowledge and have wrote tons of successful grants over the last 20 years, with a 85% success rate.

We traditionally have only wrote grants for agencies who have heard about us or know us personally around the region.  We felt it was time to expand our services and assist our brothers and sisters secure finding for their much needed projects.


We have also had success writing grants for communities to purchase equipment, enhance infrastructure, and recreational projects.  We can do it all!  


My name is Justin Burkart and I have over 20 years of public safety and grant writing experience for first responders.  My education and background provides the key to grant writing success.  I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Wyoming and have Management Information Systems Minor.  Additionally, I hold a Professional Level Peace Officer certification through the State of Wyoming, have 14 years of experience as a Fire Chief, and have other key roles on Type 3 Incident Management Teams, past K9 handler, etc. 

I have a passion for grant writing, especially with the smaller departments who are in great need of equipment and training.  I have wrote many grants for small departments and know how to write the narratives to express your need for the funding.  With nationally competitive grants, a grant application must meet and explain all the grant priorities the funder is looking for. 


I have wrote numerous AFG applications, other Federal, State, and local grants adding up in the millions.  I have also wrote grants for towns to replace their roads, update park amenities, and to replace water system infrastructure.


Need that new truck now?  How about bunker gear or SCBA's.  Extrication equipment?  Contact me now, and we would be more than happy to help you out!